André Rosinha Trio

André Rosinha Trio

João Paulo Esteves da Silva – Piano
André Rosinha – Double bass
Marcos Cavaleiro – Drums

André Rosinha Trio launched already two albums, “Árvore” (2019) and “Triskel” (2022), reflecting in a coherent and mature language. With a repertoire entirely of the double bass player’s authorship, the themes are specially designed to be interpreted by João Paulo Esteves da Silva and Marcos Cavaleiro, two of the most important icons of the Portuguese jazz.

The music is deeply worked on a compositional level, still preserving the so important space for free improvisation. The attention given to melody is notorious, with influences of classical music and the lyric aesthetic of European jazz.

Crafted by extraordinary musicians, this is living jazz, sprinkled with lyricism reflecting emotions.

Full of sobriety and elegance, “Triskel” will certainly take André Rosinha to another level of recognition as a double bass player and composer.

The melodies on Triskel simmer like mad, resonating at a strength that contradicts the music’s peaceful demeanor.

With this “Árvore” the musician takes a giant step in his path. Rosinha totally hits the mark in thinking how it should be, with the coordinates that are hers, the music of a jazz piano trio.

On his second album as a leader, bassist André Rosinha confirms himself as a remarkable composer and lets go of the ropes.

Beatriz Nunes | Paula Sousa | André Rosinha

Beatriz Nunes – Voice/Composition
Paula Sousa – Voice/Composition
André Rosinha – Double bass/Composition

The trio that unites Beatriz Nunes, Paula Sousa and André Rosinha was born for a project with original compositions that find their affinity in jazz, classical music and in the traditional Portuguese sounds.

The first album “À Espera Do Futuro” was written during the pandemic lockdown, observing the emergence of various social and political phenomena. This cd’s themes result in the combination of these experiences, fluctuating between catastrophe and hope.

“À Espera do Futuro” is an album that results from the collective, the joint creation, with compositions by the three musicians, and reveals, once again, its quality.

The new project by Beatriz Nunes, Paula Sousa and André Rosinha reveals an original music, with jazz assuming a shameless relationship with the Portuguese tradition.

André Rosinha Quinteto

Albert Cirera – Saxofones
João Barradas – Acordeão
Eduardo Cardinho – Vibrafone
André Rosinha – Contrabaixo
Bruno Pedroso – Bateria

Pórtico is
André Rosinha’s first project as a composer, with a repertoire entirely of his authorship. The double bass player gathers a group of notable musicians with whom he takes us into exploratory territories, hand by hand with the unique sound of each instrument.

The bassist of Salvador Sobral and Júlio Resende presents a debut album with melodic jazz.

If the quality of national jazz, or at least some of it, is no longer surprising, what is surprising is the fact that bassist André Rosinha achieves it right away in the work with which he debuts as a leader.

Reminiscent of a peaceful walk in the park on a colorful and peaceful autumn afternoon, the double bassist André Rosinha dazzles with his first album, «Pórtico».